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Are you looking for Lounge Furniture for your school or university or need assistance redesigning an existing space such as a school library or cafeteria? FunkySofa is here to help! We have provided furniture for 100's of schools and universities nationwide with our durable and high quality Lounge Furniture. We are the factory direct source and can help you furnish your school or university on time and on budget. Tell us about your project by filling out the form below to get started:

FunkySofa's cool, creative and modern furniture can transform what used to be just a regular space into a stunning learning environment. The right School Lounge Furniture is a vital part of any modern school or university, both in helping to set the tone of the learning atmosphere and providing yet another valuable study space for students and staff.

We offer a almost unlimited variety of custom upholstered lounges, banquettes, lounge chairs, ottomans, barstools, and tables of collaborative spaces. Don't see what your looking for on our website or want to modify our products? Since we are the manufacturer, we can custom design your school furniture to your exact specifications. We strive for uniqueness and originality in our furniture, and to help create a one of a kind environment for your school or university. A unique and comfortable environment is a crucial factor in attracting the best employees to any business.

Our Lounge Furniture is durable and sturdy, and can handle all the wear, tear and spilled drinks that occurs in a high traffic environment. Plus, since FunkySofa is both the manufacturer and distributor, by cutting out the middleman we can offer school and university furniture at the very best values to you. High quality furniture for a low price - it doesn't get better than this!

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