The Best of the Barkley Sofa: Why It's The World's Most Comfortable Couch

If you’ve ever lazed on a couch for more than 15 minutes, you’ll know that some are better than others. But how do we measure this elusive and subjective quality of comfort? We went to the expert – or rather, experts – on the matter: The team at The Barkley Sofa.
If you don’t already know, The Barkley is an online furniture company that specializes in making the world’s most comfortable couches. If you haven't checked it out yet, check out their website here. They have two models to choose from: The Funkysofa. They have been designed with optimum comfort as their primary focus: Every angle, slope and groove has been engineered to support your body and make you feel like you’re sinking into your own personal heaven. Find out more about why these couches are so darn comfy!